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Umpqua River Fishing Guides Service fishes Oregon Rivers for Summer Steelhead, Fall Chinook, Shad, Smallmouth Bass and Winter Steelhead. These Southern Oregon Fishing Guides fish near Roseburg, Oregon on the Oregon Coast. Fishing for Summer Steelhead on the North Umpqua, Fall Chinook on the Umpqua, Coquille, Elk and Sixes Rivers, and Spring Chinook on the Rogue or the Umpqua Rivers. Check out Umpqua River Fishing Guides and also the Umpqua River Fishing Guides Organization websites for more information and learn how to catch Salmon also popular fishing baits techniques for catching Salmon.

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Make a reservation today to fish the Umpqua River in Southern Oregon with a popular Southern Oregon fishing guide. The fishing guides listed on this website offer fishing trips for Steelhead and Salmon or Sturgeon as well as Bass, Stripers and various other popular fish.

Umpqua River Fishing Tips

     Umpqua River with tributaries  is Origin Confluence of North and South Umpqua NW of Roseburg, Oregon located at the mouth Pacific Ocean and basin countries USA is 111 miles long source elevation 360 feet above sea level mouth elevation sea level. The avg. discharge 4,920 cubic feet/sec at Elkton.



     The Umpqua River is a river on the Pacific coast of Oregon in the United States, approximately 111 mi (179 km) long. One of the principal rivers of the Oregon coast, it drains an expansive network of valleys in the mountains west of the Cascade Range and south of the Willamette Valley, from which it is separated by the Calapooya Mountains. The "Hundred Valleys of the Umpqua" form the timber-producing heart of southern Oregon centered on Roseburg. The river flows entirely within Douglas County, which encompasses most of the watershed of the river from the Cascades to the coast.

Umpqua River Fishing Guide

     The Umpqua River is formed by the confluence of the North Umpqua and South Umpqua rivers, both of which rise in the Cascades, approximately 6 mi (10 km) northwest of Roseburg. In modern terminology, the "Umpqua Valley" is sometimes taken to refer to the populated lower reaches of the South Umpqua south of Roseburg, along the route of Interstate 5.

The North Umpqua

     The North Umpqua rises from snowmelt and is considered one of the premier summer steelhead streams in the West. The combined river flows generally northwest through the Coast Ranges in a serpentine course past Umpqua and Elkton. At Elkton it turns to flow west past Scottsburg. It enters Winchester Bay on the Pacific at Reedsport. It receives the Smith River from the north near its estuary on Winchester Bay. The Umpqua River Lighthouse protects the mouth of the river.

     The Umpqua River is one of Oregon's most beautiful rivers. This popular Southern Oregon river is famous for outstanding salmon and steelhead fishing and exhilarating whitewater challenges. The North Umpqua River offers an ideal setting for many recreational pursuits. The North Umpqua provides the right challenge for all types of rafters and kayakers, from placid Class I waters to roaring Class IV rapids. The best months to raft are May, June, and early July.

Fishing The Umpqua River

The Umpqua river and Smith River are home to Silver Salmon and the Chinook Salmon. Coho Salmon are abundant throughout most of the Pacific Northwest bays and rivers. These hard fighting great tasting fish enter the rivers with the fall Chinook and are most common during the late part of the fall Chinook Salmon run.
     Later in the summer as the water flows decrease, boaters test their rock-maneuvering skills as the rapids become more technical. Almost 34 miles of the North Umpqua have been designated as a Wild and Scenic River and this section has been set aside exclusively for fly-fishing. The 79 mile long North Umpqua Trail parallels the river and offers visitors challenging hiking and mountain biking experiences. Visit the Bureau Of Land Management website for lots more information.

Gary Lewis Guide Service

Gary's Guide Service is located in Roseburg Oregon which is in Southern Oregon near some of the best rivers in the Northwest like the famous North Umpqua, South Umpqua, Main Umpqua, Elk, Rouge, Sixes, Coquille, and Coos. They are the best Salmon, Steelhead, Smallmouth Bass, and Shad Rivers in Oregon.

Thanks to Lyle Andrews (Fishing Southern Oregon Rivers Guide Service) for sending us the photo above. Steelhead fishing on the Umpqua River systems and the Rogue River in Southern Oregon is world famous and every year the best Oregon fishing guides offer guided charters and fishing trips as well as the latest fishing reports and "how to" catch fish information for the Umpqua River and the Rogue River as well as all the other popular rivers in Oregon.


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